where is your location?

Penny Kraft + Co is located in Bucktown at 1920 N. Damen, Chicago, Illinois 60647. 

Are you a full service spa?

We are a hybrid service. We have taken the esthetician out of the spa and given you full access. Tap into her knowledge and see wild changes when you can customize treatments to YOUR skin.

why vegan?

Penny has spent years (over ten!) treating skin. She knows first hand how diet and food choices can affect your skin. She not only LOVES to cook and invent new vegan recipes but she also has a wealth of food knowledge and why it could be affecting your skin!


Lash care

Take top notch care of your new lashes by keeping them dry for 48 hrs. Treat them gently and they will stay even longer. Avoid using products with oil. Even when used on other areas of your face, products can move! Remember to book your refill within 2-3 weeks of your original lash set for our refill price!


Home beauty visits

Don't like to leave the house? To be honest, we don't really either. Book a date and we'll bring your facial, spray tan or lashes to you in the comfort of your own space. Fuzzy slippers required.


spray tan 101

Excited for your custom vegan spray tan? We are too! Please bring LOOSE dark clothing to wear home!!! Your tan needs a hot minute to not be bothered. Please do not shower for 8 hours while this baby sits - or 2 hours if your using our express tan option.  Our tans are not only vegan (derived from natural ingredient) but paraben free, non comogentic (wont clog your pores) and fragrance free too!

Tan trivia; no spray tan can be considered organic because the spray processor is DHA and DHA is never organic. If you ever see advertising for an organic tan, it's simply not true darling. 


Travel Fees

We don't mind the scenic route. Travel within the loop $50, Suburbs $100.